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Animation for Arthur Awards Stage Displays

Motion graphics for a three-screen set as a stage for the Arthur Awards 2023 awards ceremony

About the project

It was a wonderful experience working with Ben and Amanda, excellent team at ILMC in the UK.
I loved how the communication and project requirements flowed, in a very professional process.

The animation of the vegetation subtly moving by the wind and the small flashes of light, were part of the stage design through three screens, whose main objective was to be an animated but subtle background, also, the animation of signs and logos at specific moments contributed for the Arthur Awards 2023 to have an impeccable and professional presentation.

Client's Quote

"Israel is a great animator and I very much enjoy working with him. His communication is top-notch, he meets all deadlines, his skills and creativity are incredibly strong and nothing seems too much trouble for him. He is a pleasure to work with and we will definitely be in touch with him for projects in the future."

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